Alloise презентувала нову пісню - In A Big City

Неперевершена Alloise презентувала новий трек - In A Big City.
Нова композиція вийшла незвично енергійною та динамічною, як для Alloise.
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Текст пісні "In A Big City":
I was a girl in a small town
But that wasn't a place for me to get down
Feeling lonely, feeling lost
And there was no reason for paying the cost
Then I heard the voice of Mommy Mariah
I said to myself, I wanna go higher
I wanna be famous and sing like a Diva
I prayed that God could hear me
With the sound in my ears and cassettes in my pockets
I already knew Aaliyah could rock it
I swang to the beat with the tracks of Missy
She taught me to take it easy
I was impressed by Destiny's Child,
TLC, Salt-N-Pepa were making me wild
So I made up my mind to help my own dream meet me
and soon I found myself in a big city
Under the cold blue sky
We're searching for place to belong
Under the cold blue sky
Everybody's looking for love,
Looking for...
Now I'm so thankful for being on stage
For not being caught in a golden cage
I learned to stay true, without feeling obliged
That's what I know from Mary J Blige
She's a real Queen of a hip hop soul
She is unique in the whole wide world
and so you and I, we are so unique
though we all once were lifted by 'Sky' of Sonique
You know why I'm telling you this?
We got the music and this is the bliss
We got dancers, we got MC's
Everything for our souls to be pleased
So come on, come on, get your back off the wall
we all got the stories that need to be told
Go ahead and be the one like Madonna
you'll get it if you really want it
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